Connected Care has risen up the agenda

24 March 2020 Anthropos

By Paul Berney, Chief Marketing Officer

For the past few years, we’ve been working to create a platform that delivers reassurance to family members and supports care providers to make better decisions and more timely, pre-emptive decisions about care. We do this by providing both with data that they can trust: alerts and actionable insights about meaningful changes to the patterns of behaviour of older people in their homes.

We know what connected care is delivering and we know how vulnerable certain groups are, especially those who live alone. None of us could have imagined what is currently happening though.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and for those most at risk, with existing care needs – it is a crisis.

The spread of the virus has reinforced the vulnerability of these groups to illness and the need to find new ways to have ways to intelligently monitor and provide care to those at risk. But the disease will also heighten anxiety levels for families separated from their loved ones, regardless of age or current levels of health and wellbeing. Giving those family members a way to easily and quickly check whether their loved one is moving around the house, eating and drinking properly, has become more important than ever.

With restrictions being applied to those aged over 70, including potentially needing to self isolate for weeks, or months, providing reassurance and insight has never been more important.

The world needs solutions that work. Social care systems are finding themselves needing to rapidly adapt and find ways to prioritise treatment and resources. Families need to be able to check in on those at risk, in more ways than by the phone or video chat. Carers need to be able to do more, potentially with fewer resources.

These are unprecedented times. If you have any questions about the role of connected care for remote monitoring, please contact us

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