‘Lifesaving’ - How the Wow Moments of connected care data is making a difference to some of Sheffield’s clients

Getting the GP to make a house visit was a great result. We had the data as actionable insights to explain to the doctor that our client was visiting the toilet 37-46 times a day for an average of 3.5 minutes per visit.

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Elderly living independently

Adar Ali’s enthusiasm for data is now as strong as her energy for the care of her clients. Adar is the registered care manager for Thames Homecare, a domiciliary care provider based in inner-city Sheffield.

Adar calls these moments “Wow Moments”. Data provided by Anthropos Pro in a small trial of her client’s properties is providing actionable insights to carers and care team managers.

Adar continued: “The graph we were looking at was a long continuous line whereas it’s usually a few dots to show toilet visits.”

“In the past, conversations with the GP would be ‘well, how do you know he’s going to the toilet that often? ’But we had the data to back it up.”

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The GP spotted that the client had a UTI and an irregular heartbeat, which was later successfully treated in hospital. Adar paraphrased the words of the care saying: “This [Anthropos Connect Care] is lifesaving stuff.”

Adar’s wow moments are the actionable insights they are getting from a handful of sensors installed in clients’ homes which feed back data to the Anthropos Connected Care platform. The platform analyses millions of data points throughout the day, helping carers at Thames Homecare to fill in the 90%+ times of the day they can’t be with their clients - people living alone in their later years.

The data provides insight into the temperature of the home, how often visitors come to the home, whether the client is eating and drinking, and how often or not they are using the bathroom and toilet. Data is fed back to Anthropos through MiFi internet access, which can be seen on the dashboard and drilled into in detail by carers and care managers at Thames Homecare on mobile devices and desktops.

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“We have a fuller picture, and we can spot something’s happening.”

“We’re already digital with our medication and care notes and things like that. So I am used to working from a dashboard and going in and checking alerts. But Anthropos doesn’t require much work. The work has already been done for you. Essentially, you go in there in the morning or whatever time you log on, and you just have a look at the actionable insights.”

Adar Ali, Care Manager 
Thames Homecare

Over the coming months, the trial using Anthropos Connected Care in Sheffield will have more than doubled in size, and Adar is excited about what this could mean for her clients. 

We wish them well.


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“Anthropos offers a really strong dashboard, [has] simple-to-use alerts and notifications, and the flexibility of the product to send it via text, email, etc. is really useful for our families and friends. and for our social workers, and the reporting functionality is next to none. I think it’s going to be really helpful in our short-term assessments, but equally in our Vayyar falls pilot for care, home managers.”

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