Falls Risk Index

A new assessment tool to identify the falls risk levels of older people.

A new way of assessing Falls Risk

The Falls Risk Index is a brand new tool built to help care professionals assess the falls risk of older people in any care setting, allowing them to risk stratify groups of people before choosing an appropriate care pathway for each of them.

Ideal for

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Care professionals assessing care packages
  • Use in residential care homes 
Fall Risk Index Website

What’s different about the Falls Risk Index?

“The Falls Risk Index combines together over 40 different factors that influence risk into a single score. The Index is based on research in to all of the known factors that influence falls risk and Anthropos assesses and monitors the ones that provide the best prediction and that can be consistently measured.

The Index can build a baseline score based on the kinds of data that are commonly found in health and social care records, meaning that no technology needs to be deployed to get an initial assessment.

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The Falls Risk Index 3-Step Plan

The 3-Step Plan is proving popular especially with Local Authorities, where it’s useful to provide a clear framework for where, when and how to use limited resources.

Group 1438

Run the assessment for one or many people at a time

Group 1437

Risk stratify the results to identify those at high, moderate and low risk

Group 1439
Select the appropriate care pathway for each group

Here are some examples of the 60+ data points you can use:

  • Recent history of falling
  • Medication
  • Strength - e.g. grip
  • Gait speed (GS) and Timed Up and Go (TUG)
  • Self-reported pain
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Blood Pressure, Seizures, Stroke
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Path 19238

The Fall Risk Index helps us stratify those in our care and then prioritise those at the  highest risk for further support. We’re very excited about this.

Paul Higginbottom,
Strategic Commissioning and Partnerships Manager 
Sheffield City Council 

Start today, with the Falls Risk Index from Anthropos

Join us in embracing a proactive approach to understanding falls risks and discover the pathway to allocating the right resources to the right places.