Anthropos Detect

Anthropos Detect

A more complete falls management solution

The world’s most advanced touchless technology. Keep your residents and clients safer. No cameras, buttons, cords or wearables. To maintain privacy and dignity at all times.

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How Anthropos Detect works

Anthropos partners with a leading technology company, Vayyar, to provide faster passive falls detection and insights about the lifestyle changes that can lead to falls. The sensors track in-room activity in real-time, for example, when a resident has a fall.

Anthropos Detect provides insight about room presence and occupancy, helping care providers understand changes in patterns of behaviour which might indicate other medical issues such as a UTI.

Two rooms with sensors

Provide a Rapid Response

Instant fall detection enables care givers to provide rapid response, eliminating long lies and identifying even minor hidden falls that often lead to more serious incidents. If there’s a fall, Anthropos Detect provides an alert.

Anthropos Detect contains

Vayyar Sensor

Vayyar Sensors x2

Installed by specialist engineers with experience of working in every care setting.


Case Study | Dryfemount

I feel a lot more confident in the fact that falls will be picked up more quickly and easily. [Recently] one of the residents had fallen behind the bathroom door. The system went off and alerted the staff to it.

It’s pretty impressive technology.

Fall detected alert in bedroom, for the care manager

Transform Nightshift management and staffing

70% of all premature deaths in Residential Care are caused by falls. Imagine if you can reduce the number of falls, and detect any falls that do happen within 90 seconds to help the resident.

Anthropos Fall Detection

"Anthropos is our connected care platform. We have small discreet sensors that we put in a resident’s or a client’s home. And they constantly gather information on the client’s activity. To help make better informed care decisions."

Sandra Cooke, Group Consultant, The Heidi Group


Improving Falls Management in Care Homes

Discover how advanced touchless technology, preventive and actionable insight can keep your residents and clients safer.

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