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Meet the team

With decades of experience in software development and digital products, Anthropos is a world class team of dedicated professionals, passionate about making a difference in the care sector.

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Duncan McNeil

Duncan has over 40 years in IT spanning many roles and industries. Duncan has founded several successful companies and has been an early investor in many others. Duncan angel-funded Anthropos platform development.
Jim Patience-1

Jim Patience

Jim sets the vision and strategy for Anthropos and leads the management team he built to achieve this. He brings with him vast experience of managing technology companies and technology-enabled programmes.
David Marsh-1

David Marsh

David comes to Anthropos via Accenture and BCG so has a background in technology and strategy. He is in charge of our strategy which he combines with the finance role. David manages our Business Plans, investor relationships and fundraising, as well as counting the pennies on the side.
Paul Berney-2

Paul Berney

Paul is responsible for all marketing and business development activities in Anthropos, drawing on 30 years of experience in innovative start-up companies in a range of industries.

Frances Morrison-2

Frances Morrison

Frances is responsible for managing day to day relationships with our customers and managing the development of our product and services. Frances brings a wealth of experience from more than 20 years’ experience in management consultancy.
Andy Van Heusen-2

Andy Van Heusen

Andy has over 20 years of industry experience in all aspects of software development at Enterprises such as Intel through to Start-Ups, where he always brings a passion and energy to innovation and creative problem-solving. Andy is responsible for setting our technical strategy and roadmap and leading the development of our platform.

Polly Bastin

Polly has worked in software for Health and Social Care for over 15 years supporting Local Authorities, Care Homes and Home Care agencies. Polly’s experience is in helping care organisations to improve the quality of care delivery and make the digital transition to proactive technology led services.
Andy Lawrenson-2

Andy Lawrenson

Andy has been successfully designing, building and managing IT systems for over 20 years across a range of industries. He specialises in database and server platforms and has the primary responsibility for managing the Anthropos cloud platform.
Andy Monis-2

Andy Monis

Andy Monis is Anthropos’ Engineering Lead for Frontend, Devices, Hub and DevOps, with an aim to make the platform lean and reliable at scale. Andy was previously a Founding Engineer at PumpCo where he played a pivotal role in developing the organisation’s core software, user interfaces and unique business offering.
Jason Carney-2

Jason Carney

Jason has focused on automation testing using behaviour driven development during his time at Anthropos. He has gained knowledge of the Anthropos platform including the frontend and infrastructure. He is interested in many types of technology, and its potential in the world of IoT.
Gareth Toon

Gareth Toon

Gareth has worked in IT Support for over 20 years and in many different sectors including charities. He has been able to take the best practice from each role and create a support function focused on Anthropos customers on their needs.