Anthropos Pro

Make better informed care decisions

Build a rich picture of the daily routines of older people who receive care and support and get Alerts and Actionable Insights about meaningful changes to their lives.

Understand the care needs of older people

Anthropos Pro is a connected care solution for the home. It's installed in an hour and there are no cameras or microphones. All of our devices are unobtrusive.

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Bed sensor
increased bathroom visits
Kettle sensor

Anthropos Pro contains

A complete set of wireless, battery-operated sensors and smart plugs, all connected to a mains powered Hub. The devices are unobtrusive and can be hidden away from sight.

Anthropos Pro can be fitted in almost any care setting in under an hour.


Motion Sensors x6

Fridge Sensor x1
Door Sensor

Door Sensors x2

Smart Plug
Smart Plugs x2
Anthropos Hub
Anthropos Hub

How it works

Sensors in the home build a rich picture of a person's life based on their daily routine, the environment in which they live, the wellbeing and their safety and security

Group 772
Anthropos connects sensors and devices to our hub in the home
Group 773
The sensors generate data about what is happening to the client in the home
Group 774
Data is analysed and intelligence provided: Is something changing that you need to be aware of?
Group 775
Dashboards, reports and apps present the intelligence in an easy to understand format
Group 776
The intelligence supports better care decision making
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There are times when you can’t be there to support all of the people in your care.

Anthropos Pro identifies key moments when older people need help immediately and sends Alerts through SMS, email and notifications to the dashboard, allowing you to identify what the concern is so you can deal with it straight away.

No Morning Activity

Door Left Open

No Movement in Room

Too Long in Room


Actionable Insights

We are all different, but we are all creatures of habit. Anthropos builds a rich picture of the daily routine of older people living alone.

Anthropos Pro identifies meaningful changes in people's lives, providing Actionable Insights about changes in movement, eating and drinking habits, sleep patterns and more.


Bathroom Visits



Intelligence to support building better care plans

Anthropos Pro offers intelligence through reports and activity graphs that care managers can use to inform changes to care plans.