Intelligence that supports better care outcomes

We focus on creating intelligence that can be trusted to be accurate, dependable and actionable.

The intelligence can be shared in a number of different ways such as through a dashboard, an app, email or SMS and takes two forms; alerts that prompt immediate responses and actionable insights which suggest that longer-term, more subtle changes in behaviour are taking place.


It is a platform that connects to a range of smart devices and sensors placed in the home and combines the data they collect.

The platform provides a view of an individual’s behaviour and transforms the combined data collected into alerts and actionable insights about significant changes.

The alerts and insights can be used to:

– Plan and deliver care by professionals
– Understand what is happening in the home when family and carers are not around
– Provide reassurance for family members
– Support preemptive care

How the platform works

Anthropos places a range of different sensors and devices into a home and connects these to our hub. ‍ These sensors generate data about what is happening in the home, capturing details like movement and activity, eating and drinking habits or the quality of sleep. ‍

The hub sends the data to our cloud-based platform where it is analysed and turned into intelligence. ‍

Intelligence is then turned into actionable insight, or alerts which are sent to the devices of loved ones and those caring for them. ‍ Access to this intelligence support evidence based decision making by both care professionals, family members and older people.

“It gives a bit of relief I think, especially with having the app on the phone, because we can keep checking it. I am so used to them saying they are fine, they’re coping, but they weren’t. I can see for myself they’re not”
Tracy Parkes