Anthropos Partners with Vayyar Care to boost fall detection capabilities

24 August 2022 Anthropos
 Vayyar Care’s leading passive fall detection technology will now be integrated into Anthropos’ Connected Care Platform. The new data will help support care providers and families by reducing fall risk and providing insights into safer home environments. The partnership meets growing public demand for passive fall detection.

LONDON, August 17, 2022

Connected Care Platform Anthropos has announced it will be partnering with Vayyar Care, the global leader in 4D imaging, to strengthen Anthropos’s capabilities in passive fall detection.

Every year there are over 22,000 emergency hospital admissions resulting from falls among people over the age of 65, according to Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF). Managing falls is a high priority for Anthropos, and its technology focuses on both fall detection and analysing potential risks of this common scenario. 

Anthropos’s Connected Care Platform uses a set of discreet passive sensors to monitor a range of daily activities of older people in their homes, giving care providers the intelligence to make better-informed decisions. The new Vayyar Care partnership integrates touchless radio frequency sensing technology, enabling Anthropos customers to provide fall detection without requiring older people to put on wearable devices.


Stuart Barclay, UK Sales Director at Vayyar Care, says:

“Our growing older population is tech-savvy and expects best-in-class systems to support their health, wellbeing and lifestyles. Person-centred care must have technology at its core, including new solutions that deliver round-the-clock passive fall detection while maintaining dignity, privacy and independence.

“Vayyar Care is thrilled to partner with Anthropos, a company that aligns perfectly with our vision and ability to support connected, data-driven care.”

The benefits of the new partnership include:

  • Reduction in fall risk as more information can be collected on a person’s behaviour. Vayyar Care sensors gather data not only on falls but also on behavioural risk factors such as decreasing mobility, enabling true fall prevention.
  • Additional intelligence to equip carers with detailed insights. This means carers can better advise on how to create a safe home environment, and build more effective, personalised care plans.
  • Minimise the risk of older people sustaining secondary injuries such as pressure sores, as carers are alerted immediately when a fall occurs, so help is sent sooner. For families, this adds another layer of reassurance.

As with all Anthropos packages, customers will be able to define the version of the platform that they need based on the care outcomes that they want to achieve. However, as a minimum, end users are advised to have at least two Vayyar sensors deployed around their homes. 


Paul Berney, CMO at Anthropos, says:

“Market research proves there is a strong demand for passive falls detection. It is often the case that people don’t want to wear a device or just forget to put it on or charge it up. The Vayyar Care solution provides rapid fall detection with zero involvement from the older person. After completing extensive testing with Vayyar, we’re satisfied that together we will provide everyone with a reliable and accurate solution. 

“Anthropos takes pride in its constant innovations to deliver the best connected care, including partnerships with companies such as Vayyar. Our aim has always been to help older people to stay well, independent and happy in their own homes for longer – the integration of Vayyar Care only strengthens this.”

Vayyar Care is available to all future Anthropos customers. For more information, please visit: 




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