Connected care for independent older living

  • Supports professional carers in domiciliary, residential and Local Authority care services
  • Provides intelligence that supports making better informed care decisions
  • Uncovers hidden and unreported care needs
  • Drives proactive and preventative care services
Anthropos dashboard overview, with popups for alerts, actionable insights, and falls detected
Activity Insights graph

Actionable Insights

Alarm on - bell ringing


Dashboard - computer with graphs and charts


App - On a phone and tablet

Family App

Analysis - pen and paper

Analysis Reports

How Anthropos works



Remote monitoring of changes in daily routines

When you want create more personalised care plans, Anthropos provides a more detailed picture of what is going on in the home and discovers the the hidden changes in daily routines that can inform pre-emptive action.

  • Learn the true daily routines of the people in your care
  • Spot changes that point to interventions to prevent things going wrong
  • Receive Alerts when you need to act quickly
  • Provide families with reassurance and peace of mind
actionable insights for behaviour including reboiled kettle and fridge door opening
Examples of alerts from different clients in their homes, and an overview of the care manager notifications

Passive Fall Risk Detection

Connected devices tell you the truth about trips, stumbles and falls. 

  • 90-second Fall Alert to notify a carer or family member
  • Spots changes in behaviour that lead to falls
  • Unobtrusive, out-of-the-way sensors
  • No cameras, just advanced motion sensors

Improving Falls Management in Care Homes

Discover how advanced touchless technology, preventive and actionable insight can keep your residents and clients safer.

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Anthropos Detect in Action at Dryfemount

Now here at Dryfemount I feel a lot more confident in the fact that falls will be picked up more quickly and easily. One of the residents had fallen behind the bathroom door. The system went off it alerted the staff, the staff went to it.

It’s pretty impressive technology.


Natasha Corness
TEC Innovation Lead, Essex County Council

"Anthropos offers a really strong dashboard, [has] simple-to-use alerts and notifications, and the flexibility of the product to send it via text, email, etc. is really useful for our families and friends. and for our social workers, and the reporting functionalities, is next to none. I think it’s going to be really helpful in our short-term assessments, but equally in our falls pilot for care home managers.”

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