Anthropos achieves TSA Quality Certification

11 January 2022 Anthropos

We are delighted to have attained certification with the TSA’s Quality Standards Framework, highlighting our work and commitment to revolutionising the care sector.

Compliance with industry standards is a vital part in building confidence in a company’s products and services that is even more important in new and growing markets.

The TSA is the “Voice of Technology Enabled Care” sector – and their company’s Quality Standards Framework is a programme that supports organisations that provide technology enabled care (TEC) products and services. This framework is based on the principles of quality, safety, innovation and continuous improvement, with the ultimate goal of elevating standards and driving continuous improvement in Technology Enabled Care. The TSA’s program is the only UKAS accredited scheme for Technology Enabled Care in the UK, making certification from them even more significant.

The process

The certification process involved providing a wealth of evidence proving that we met or exceeded the TSA’s standards. The TSA’s TEC Quality team guided us through this process – helping to give clarity on what type of evidence and documentation we needed to provide. 

Once compiled, our application was reviewed by an auditor – which involved holding two days of audit meetings with the Anthropos team and our customers, to get a true picture and insight into our ways of working.

The outcome? Anthropos is fully compliant with the Quality Standards Framework.

What we learned

As is so often the case when working on standards, the journey can be just as valuable as reaching the destination. Here’s what we learned:

  • The Quality Services Framework is industry-specific and is tailored to the services provided by each organisation. This means the criteria are more relevant to Anthropos and what we do than any general quality certification process.
  • As a start-up, the process helped us focus on how we could more efficiently document the ways we were already working – something that will undoubtedly become valuable in the future.
  • The audit also made some useful recommendations that helped us see how we could improve our ways of working as we scale up Anthropos.

It’s an honour for Anthropos to have achieved this TSA certification – and be part of a vanguard of organisations who are being recognised for their efforts in revolutionising the care industry with tech-focussed solutions.

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