Is now the time for the UK to realise the potential of TEC solutions?

20 June 2022

Paul Berney, CMO at Anthropos

I was interested to read that remote patient monitoring and technology enabled care (TEC) has proven increasingly popular as an alternative care delivery model in America and was highlighted as a disruptive digital healthcare trends to watch in 2022 by Material Economics.

With the pandemic opening minds to the possibilities of digital communication and monitoring, this sector has huge growth potential, even as restrictions lessen globally. Telehealth HHS reported that in the US 57% of practices are currently engaging in remote patient monitoring, a number expected to reach 76% in the next two years. 

The US care sector is feeling the burden of workforce shortages, with senior living community leaders reporting that staff shortages are negatively impacting their ability to deliver personalised care. Despite this disheartening news, it’s promising that the power of TEC to ease this burden is being recognised, with 87% of leaders agreeing that a tech solution that could help fill resourcing gaps and support residents’ well-being would be valuable.

How true is this in the UK?

The ongoing staffing issues faced in the US’ care sector are very much echoed in the UK – more than half a million people are now waiting for adult social care assessments or care support to begin, with shortages remaining a pressing issue despite Government efforts to boost recruitment. It’s clear that this issue is not going away, and that we must adapt to ensure we continue delivering quality care even under these circumstances.

Technology must play a role in how we rethink the UK’s delivery of care. By deepening our understanding of the needs of those in care through non-intrusive monitoring, we can provide the insights and intelligence needed to support an effective care plan. 

Connected Care can keep older people well and independent for longer, while allowing the most effective use of care resources amidst resourcing problems.

Insights from the latest industry events show promise

With the return of in-person industry events, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to people working across a number of facets of the UK’s care sector in recent months. 

My conversations at the TSA’s ITEC Conference and ADASS’ Spring Seminar with those who are leading the UK’s adult care agenda have shown great promise. How we can best use the power of technology to deliver quality care is high on the agenda, and connected care is increasingly being seen as central to this conversation.

I am optimistic that as more discussions around connected care are undertaken, the UK will continue to be a world leader in its adoption to support the delivery of effective and proactive care for our older people.

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