Personal experiences are driving us to make a difference.

Many of us have first-hand experience of the social care system. Anthropos was born because we had the skills to help carers, families and most importantly, those who need assistance.

Anthropos was formed by two companies with a wealth of experience in delivering large technology programmes in the NHS, security and defence.

Our management team has already been very successful in creating smart platforms over the last five years: we managed the design, development and implementation of the ‘Hive’ connected home offering by British Gas, now installed in over 660,000 homes in the UK and the USA.

The platform was five years in the making, with early versions of the platform already implemented in healthcare, social care, probation services, research, call centres and clinics in the UK and Scandinavia.

Our team has experienced the care system and witnessed the challenges faced by older people and care providers. Knowing the power of the platform, our teams set to identify how to use unobtrusive sensors to gather data that would enable better insights into what happens when someone is by themselves.

The team is continuing to develop the service by collaborating with academic innovators and researchers in eight leading institutions, including the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, The University of Warwick and University of Twente in The Netherlands.


Jim Patience

Chief Executive Officer

Jim sets the vision and strategy for Anthropos and leads the management team he built to achieve this. He brings with him vast experience of managing technology companies and technology enabled programmes.

David Marsh

Chief Financial Officer

David comes to Anthropos via Accenture and BCG so has a background in technology and Strategy. He is in charge of our strategy which he combines with the  finance role.  He therefore manages our Business Plans, investor relationships and fund raising well as counting the pennies on the side.

Paul Nickells

Chief Operating Officer

Paul is responsible for Anthropos delivery. This includes software engineering, research and development, project management, customer support and installation of our equipment in clients’ homes. He has over thirty years of delivery and consultancy experience in the media, finance and Internet of Things sectors and he led the rollout of the original technology behind Hive for a major US retailer.

Tim Coote

Chief Technical Officer

Tim is responsible for the Anthropos platform architecture and how it supports the business’ requirements; leveraging experience from over 40 years in IT, computer science an operational research roles, both client side and advisory, from start-up to mature governmental units in many market sectors and jurisdictions.

Frances Morrison

Chief Customer Officer

Frances is responsible for managing day to day relationships with our customers and managing the development of our product and services. She brings a wealth of experience from more than 20 years experience in management consultancy.

Paul Berney

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul is responsible for all marketing and business development activities in Anthropos, drawing on 30 years of experience in innovative start up companies in a range of industries.