Taking Care: Pushing the button on the future of care at home

17 February 2021 Anthropos

What happens when traditional telecare and connected care come together? A revolution for in-home care for the elderly.

We recently shared the exciting news that we are powering Taking Care Safe Home Alert. This new partnership with Taking Care – the UK’s largest private personal alarm provider for over 30 years – represents a major endorsement for connected care, and our platform.

Taking Care Safe Home Alert provides peace of mind and reassurance that loved ones are safe and well. It is a combination of traditional telecare with connected care.

The Anthropos Connected Care platform connects sensors which are monitored 24/7 by our Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that as well as providing a response to emergencies, Taking Care are now monitoring for changes in the daily routine of an older person living alone and are able to respond to a range of new alerts and insights about their wellbeing.

But more than being able to act as another way to alert the Taking Care Resolution team, Safe Home Alert is able to provide insight about longer-term changes in patterns of behaviour which often go unseen or are unnoticed.

With Taking Care Home Alert, their team installs five motion and room temperature sensors, two-door sensors, a fridge sensor and two smart plugs for the kettle and microwave that are able to monitor daily routine and identify changes in behaviour that could signify a problem developing.

Taking Care Safe Home Alert - 4 step guide

We’ve long believed that the future of care is in the home and that’s why we see the partnership with Taking Care as a logical extension of current home care.

Emergency buttons work because they are easy to understand for elderly people. But not only are they are reactive rather than proactive, but they also depend on the loved one remembering to wear it.

By adding Anthropos technology, Taking Care is able to offer proactive services to the 70,000+ customers it helps each year. With Anthropos, you don’t need to wear anything, you don’t need to interact with anything – you can just go about your daily life.

As Steve Gates, Managing Director at Taking Care told us, “This is a ground-breaking new product launch for Taking Care, and it is a key part of our commitment to give older adults a choice of how they access support. Our customer feedback shows this is a very important goal when it comes to helping older adults live in their own homes for longer.”