Our Connected Care Platform helps support a range of social care markets

Improve care outcomes with data that can be trusted to be accurate, dependable and actionable.



The intelligence generated by the platform enables care providers to better plan, schedule and deliver care, ensuring that the most appropriate care packages are put in place as required.

This can lead to reductions in the number of domiciliary care packages required, based on what is happening in the home when carers are not present.


Remote Monitoring

Working with care companies who provide emergency call centre services and are looking to evolve to include monitoring capabilities.

The Anthropos Connected Care platform helps to provide further reassurance to families about what is happening with their loved ones.

Nurse-supporting-a mans-arm

Healthcare at Home

As care continues to shift from reactive to proactive service, Anthropos can support the measurement and monitoring of vital signs. Combined with intelligence about behavioural changes, the platform provides a powerful tool for Primary Care and Secondary care providers seeking to prevent, rather than just respond to health and social care issues.


The Anthropos platform is designed to monitor, discover and understand the patterns daily routines of individuals in their homes and other care settings.

By its very nature, it sees everyone as a distinct and separate individual.

The alerts and actionable insights we provide are specific to each person.

In addition to being able to identify changes in daily routines, care providers can set up alerts based on their own judgement for what will help someone stay well at home for longer.

“It gives a bit of relief I think, especially with having the app on the phone, because we can keep checking it. I am so used to them saying they are fine, they’re coping, but they weren’t. I can see for myself they’re not”
Tracy Parkes