Technology that supports older people to stay in their own homes for longer

Discover, understand and act upon the meaningful changes in the lives of older people.

Anthropos provides insights and evidence to support care provider to refine care plans and make better care decisions.

The platform helps to notify carers and family members if something has gone wrong, or if there have been meaningful changes in the daily routine of an older person that indicate a change in care is required. 

For family members, the Anthropos Connected Care Platform also helps provide family members with the reassurance that their loved ones are being cared for. 

Of people over 40 years old

would be interested to know more about technologies that would allow them to monitor their parent’s wellbeing without taking away any of their independence

Of people over 40 years old

think their parents would be open to receiving support from non-intrusive technology

Of people over 40 years old

would like an update on their parents’ wellbeing at least once a day


We collect data from smart devices and sensors which is then sent to our cloud-based platform.

The platform uses analytics and artificial intelligence to convert the data into intelligence about the environment and behaviour patterns of the person in their home.

This enhanced understanding of life in the home can be used to support improved care planning and delivery