Safe Home Alert provides an enhancement to Home Instead’s care and companionship services.


Safe Home Alert is a suite of discrete sensors that helps give families reassurance that their elderly relatives are going about their usual routine, flagging if there is ever a cause for concern.


Safe Home Alert is a new service designed to provide added peace of mind for loved ones and families when supporting someone to live at home.

Talk to any family today and most will tell you how busy life can be with work commitments, parenting duties and extra-curricular activities. Being available round the clock to support and assist an ageing parent living at home isn’t always possible.

Older people also tell us that, although they recognise that their age means there might be a call for help around the home, they are worried about becoming a burden on their adult children and want to avoid causing any fuss. The situation can cause unnecessary tension and anxiety.

Safe Home Alert seeks to change this. Sensors within the solution monitor everyday activities such as boiling the kettle, using the fridge and microwave, getting up in the morning, sitting in a chair, being in bed, opening the front door or moving around the home.

The combined sensors collect data that is analysed and turned into alerts and notifications that help carers improve outcomes and help patients in emergencies. It provides a way to help families keep up to date with activities of daily living in the home. It means that usual routines are being monitored and the platform highlights when things are not as they should be at home.


Supports people to stay well in their own homes for longer

Provides insights that support making better informed care decisions

Gives families greater reassurance and peace of mind