By offering Connected Care as a service, Anthropos allows companies in the different care at home sectors to focus on care outcomes, not technology.

How it works

Our connected care platform has three layers:

Device layer icon

The devices layer continuously monitoring the home and providing data.

Platform layer icon

The platform layer analysing the data to report what has happened and provide intelligent actionable insights.

				service layer icon

The service layer supporting the delivery of enhanced care by the Care Providers.

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Anthropos works through the care providers and has the ability to link to, and curate, any of the rapidly growing number of devices and sensors available in that market.

The prime focus for Anthropos is the platform layer because the real value of technology is not just in developing and providing devices or in just reporting data, but by employing Data Science, AI and Machine Learning to make sense of the data and enable professional carers to make better informed decisions and interventions.

The Platform

Infographic displaying how the platform works

The Anthropos platform puts the head office, local offices and third parties (such as call centres) all on the same platform, allowing the seamless integration to business operations.

It is secure and scalable, allowing Care Providers to evolve their offering over time by easily adding new devices and new services e.g. medicines adherence, vital signs.

It provides accurate data from curation of third party devices and enables cohort and longitudinal data analytics for new insights.

Anthropos allows sophisticated communications to friends, family and call-out services.

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